Rack Ovens & Cookers

Available from 1 through to 8 rack capacity within a single baking chamber, for racks holding 30" x 18" trays. Other sizes available depending on customers' specifications.

Two door systems for high and low risk discipline cooking, baking or steaming. 

Standard control panels. 

Programmable control panels with 99 program capability. 

PLC controls for high and low care cookers and ovens. 

Full stainless steel specification.

Full types available: gas, oil, or electricity. 

Full specification sheets available.


Reel Ovens

Tray capacities from 12 to 54 (30" x 18" trays).

Fuel types available: gas, oil, or electricity.



Capacity 1 rack through to customers' requirements. 

Fuel types available: gas, oil, or electricity. 



Service contracts, service calls, 24 hour call out and breakdown information are all available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Cooker Dimensions

  A B C D E
 1 Rack On application - - - -
 2 Rack 2900mm 2500mm 2000mm 500mm 500mm
 3 Rack 3200mm 2500mm 2345mm 500mm 500mm
 4 Rack 3750mm 2660mm 2750mm 700mm 700mm
 6 Rack 4355mm 2600mm 3170mm 700mm 700mm
 8 Rack 4610mm 2660mm 3554mm 700mm 700mm


A = Width, B = Height, C = Depth, D = Canopy Depth, E = Canopy Depth

For a single door oven please do not use the figure in column E. Rear canopy is not fitted to single door ovens.

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